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Top 10 tips for warm weather training

Top 10 tips for warm weather training

Top 10 tips for getting the most out of warm weather training

1. Don’t do too much, especially in the first few days. It is tempting to do a lot of extra training but this can lead to fatigue or worse injury. Ease yourself into the training. It is probably a good idea to go with an idea of how many hours of training you want to do and stick with it to avoid overtraining.

2. On a training week volume is better than intensity. The aim of winter training is to get a good training block and the majority of the training will be base (easier) training rather than lots of intense speed work.

3. If you are hiring a bike make sure you take your bike measurements with you or send them to Ciclo Costa Blanca in advance. You will be in pain if you cycle for a week in the wrong position. If you wear cleats remember to take your bike pedals with you. It is against the law to ride without a cycle helmet in Spain so don’t forget to bring yours.

4. Stay hydrated. It is so easy to get dehydrated whilst training in the heat. Make sure you take some powdered carbohydrate and electrolyte drinks that you can make or there are a range of products to buy in the Ciclo Costa Blanca Bike Café.

5. Do some research on the area you are going to in advance. It is easy to find suggested cycle or run routes and maps online and maps are available from Ciclo Costa Blanca at the Meta Bike Café.

6. Make sure you are properly insured and covered for the activities you plan to do. Normal travel insurance may not cover you for cycling overseas, especially during group training camps so you may need to get sports specific travel insurance.

7.  Although temperatures will be warmer than back home take some warmer training kit with you e.g. leg warmers, arm warmers and a gilet as even in the Costa Blanca the weather can change quite in the Winter, especially in the mountains. If you are planning to ride to the top of Tudons or Confrides then it may be worth bringing some gloves as it can get cold at the summits and whilst descending.

8. Make sure you factor in some time for recovery as it is when we are resting that the training benefits are made. Don’t be afraid to have an easy day. The extra training volume will mean that your immune system will be depleted so as well as recovering well make sure you eat plenty of immune boosting foods.

9. Don’t overdo it on the last day. The temptation is always to cram in lots of training the day before travelling back home. The advice for the last day is the same as the first-be sensible as you don’t want to get a strain, niggle or just DOMS the day before having to sit in a plane, train or car for hours!

10. Take a couple of rest days once you are back home. Your body will need to recover and reap the benefits of a heavy training week. Lots of people get sick after a training week as they haven’t taken enough time to recover.

Helen is the current British Quadrathlon Champion and British Quadrathlon Trophy Series winner and a SportsCover Direct Ambassador. She is a former age group World and European Duathlon champion and European Triathlon champion. In 2015 Helen was part of the One Day Ahead team, which raised £1m for Cure Leukaemia by riding the entire route of the Tour de France one day ahead of the pros. You can follow her on Twitter via @helengoth.