Ciclo Costa Blanca

Terms & Conditions

Hire conditions
One days hire  is btn 0900 hrs & 1800 hrs. 
Returns are due  by latest 1800 hrs last day of hire period. Two days or more continuous hire are considered an extended hire period, at the end of which the hire bikes must be returned to us by the agreed time & date.
The hire bikes are hired to you for  recreational use only and are not to be used  in any form of officially sanctioned  or unofficial competition.
 Late return of bikes beyond the agreed return time /date  will be charged at 20 Euros per hour per bike, then 50.00€ per  day.
 It is the hirers responsibility to inform  us of any potential late return by calling the following number (0034 ) 699 045 475.   If the hire bike is not returned to us at the agreed time and we do not hear from you we will inform local police and report the bike as stolen.
A returnable cash security deposit of 350€ per bike  is due on delivery of the hire bike, and is held against any damage you may cause to it.  
Reservations made on behalf of the hirer may include an administration fee of  5.00€ Euros per  bike.
Changes to reservations made at the hirers request may incur an administration fee of 5.00€ per bike                                                                                                                 
Changes of dates,  products made  at the request of the hirer after the  original reservation has been  confirmed will be accepted based on the current availability of the originally hired item or a comparable alternative. 
Change of dates will only be accepted within the same financial year  of the original booking. Financial year = 1st January to 31st December
 If the hire period is extended after the initial hire period has begun we reserve the right to regard the additional days as a separate booking, and charge accordingly. 
Once a booking is confirmed, The hirer enters into  a contractual agreement with Costa Blanca Bike Hotels S.L. and agrees to make payment of all outstanding balances.
In  circumstances where we are unable to provide the hirer with the  reserved bike we will endeavour  to supply a bike of similar, type/size subject to  current availability.  If the bike supplied is of lower quality  the balance due  on collection will reflect the rental costs relating to the  bike provided.
Cancellations & Refunds: The following cancellation charges apply to all reservations ( Bike hire & Hotel packages )  
Cancellation of booking after reservation will be charged at 100 % percent of the reservation deposit .
Cancellation notice  received  with more than  28th days  prior to  the first day of hire/ or arrival date we will refund 100% of the paid balance. 
Cancellation notice  received with less  than  28th days  notice and more than 14 days notice prior to the first day of hire/ or arrival date we will refund 50% of balance.. 
Cancellation notice   with 14 days notice  prior to the first day of hire or arrival date  we will refund 25% of the balance paid.
Cancellations with less than 14 days notice,  We will retain all payments.
Cancellation  notices should to be sent via email to
The above refund policy will not  apply in circumstances of force majeure.  see below
Cancellation due to Extenuating Circumstances  IE force majeure (defined as any circumstance out of the control of Costa Blanca Bike Hotels S.L. including but not limited to epidemic disease or illness and travel restrictions imposed by a government, law enforcement agency, or military. Also travellers who are able to travel but are simply concerned or for any other travel related problem, or associated risk). Such circumstances will override the standard cancellation policy  above  and  Costa Blanca Bike Hotels S.L cannot offer any refunds.
Hire charges include delivery  when based on  five days continues hire and subject to the delivery location. ie all coastal locations btn Villajoyosa and Gandia and all location  inland to a maximum of 20km
Whilst we ensure the hire bike is in safe and road worthy condition, It is the hires responsibility to ensure the road worthiness of the hire bike prior to the start of each ride and inform us immediately of any defects.
Costa Blanca Bike Hotels SL take no responsibility in the event of accident or injury or otherwise to you or any member of your party  whilst riding your bike  or any bike hired to you . It is each persons responsibility to ride safely, for their own and other persons safety. 
We recommend you wear a helmet whilst riding your bike, Spanish law states you must wear a cycle helmet when riding. In the event of any component part  of the hire bike failing and causing injury or worse to the rider or any other person  You agree not to hold Costa Blanca  Bike Hotels SL responsible .
The hirer  agrees that during the hire period and in the event of an accident or in any other circumstance that causes injury to them, or another person, or where any damage is caused to another persons property.   The Hirer will not  hold  Costa Blanca bike hotels SL or any person  acting on their behalf  responsible. 
The hirer agrees that the bike has been handed to them in good and safe working condition.  
The hirer agrees  that  during  the hire period, They  are responsible for the safe keeping of the hire bike  and its safe return. 
The hirer is  liable for the cost of repair or replacement of the whole bike or  parts  of,  that are damaged/lost /stolen  (This includes  the cost of replacement  tyres &  inner tubes) Cost of repairs/replacement  will be payable in cash Euros at the end of the hire period. 
In the event of damage  being caused to the bike whilst in the hirers possession, the hirer  agrees to compensate Costa Blanca Bike Hotels SL a minimum payment of 25 Euros  up to the full retail replacement value of the damaged or lost  parts.  Where ``cosmetic´´damage is caused to any part of the bike  we reserve the right to charge the hirer the full replacement value  of these parts.  
In circumstances where the bike is lost or stolen the hirer agrees to compensate Costa Blanca Bike Hotels SL to the full retail replacement value
 We  reserve the right to make an additional charge if  the bike  is returned in a condition  deemed to be unacceptable. The  hire bike is to be returned us at the agreed time date and location, and  will be inspected by our staff   prior to the return of your security deposit.  Deposit return is  subject to any additional final charges.
Both parties agree that if a dispute arises  that cannot be resolved amicably, and where court action become necessary,  The matter will be dealt with by magistrates of Spanish law.    
The hirer  confirms  he/she is physically fit in good health, and capable of participating in  any cycle riding activities during their stay, Which  they do at entirely  at their own risk. 
The hirer understands that cycling is a hazardous  past time 
Guiding services:  We reserve the right to cancel  any guiding services where minimum  numbers  are not met. Or in circumstances where we are for  any other  reason unable to provide the service. In these circumstance your final balance or refund will reflex  a non guided stay. We reserve the right to cancel guiding services due to inclement weather. In these circumstances  we do not offer refunds.
Recovery services: We expect  the hirer to fix small mechanical issues whilst on the road ie, punctures and dropped chains.  If  the hire bike has a major mechanical breakdown that you are unable to put right  we will  where possible recover you and the bike.. We reserve the right to charge for this service. When this service is not available you will be expect to transport the bike back to  accommodation  at your own expense.  
Refunds: Booking Deposits are non refundable
Balance payments are refundable subject to  the  above conditions and when the balance has been  paid minimum 6 weeks prior to your first day of hire  or having booked a hotel package your  arrival date.
Costa Blanca Bike hotels S.L reserves the right to change these T&Cs without notice. Any changes will apply to all existing bookings made prior to the changes being made as well as future bookings