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Black Cat Cycle Coaching

About BlackCat BlackCatCycleCoaching.Com is

Tim Ramsden. If you haven't heard of me it's no surprise - I'm not an ex-pro, elite amateur or sponsored athlete. I'm a cyclist who loves riding and racing and I've been doing it for 30 years now. I'm an ABCC (Association of British Cycling Coaches) Coach and I have a First Class honours degree in Physical Education.

I started to question more traditional training methods back in the 1980's, altered my schedule to include less miles and more specific sessions at higher intensity and guess what? I went faster for less time on the bike...a lot faster! I now, like most people, have limited training time and a young family too. I train less then I did 15 years ago but surprisingly I'm even faster now...I recently went up a category in road racing and PB'd in my favourite distance time trial on less than 6 hours training a week. Having less time does not preclude you from going faster - it just means that you need to train specifically and have a purpose to each session.

What can BlackCat do for you?

Very simply, I can help you get the most out of the time you spend training. I can offer One-to-One ECoaching and Personalised EPlans based on your individual requirements.

III Black Cat `SPORTIVE´ training camp with Ciclo Costa Blanca APRIL 2017

Ridley Bikes

Ridley Bikes was started in 1997 by Jochim Aerts, a frame builder and painter who had been producing frames for Belgian bicycle companies since 1990. In a few years, Ridley became the market leader in Belgium for racing bikes. 

It has always been a key part of Ridley's product development to create a strong alliance with their teams, not just providing them with bikes, but working on a very close basis with the riders and the team mechanics to develop their models. The sponsored teams compete on ‘stock’ frames which enables Ridley to test under extreme riding conditions. This is Ridley's core development program to ensure that a well refined product is launched to their customers. Feedback from the teams fuels the next generation of Ridley bikes.

 The Ridley  Fenix & Fenix SL are available for hire at our  shop  META  BIKE CAFE



 Scientifically  FORMULATED.   Trusted by ATHLETES.   Research PROVEN

HIGH5 products do not contain ingredients from the list of WADA named banned substances. Combining a practical and no-nonsense approach, rigorous testing by scientists in the lab and feedback from world-class athletes competing in the world’s toughest events, guarantees that you can rely on HIGH5 products to help you optimise your performance and enjoy your sport more.

``We know from personal experience how important it is to get your nutrition absolutely right and what it takes to make a great sports product that you can trust.´´ High5

Pro-Lite Wheels

Pro-Lite is the biggest manufacturer of hand built wheels in the world, we specialise in both carbon and aluminium wheels. 

What is the Pro-Lite promise?

Born from an international racing heritage spanning more than 30 years, Pro-Lite combines the vision of the most demanding riders in the world, with a production team specialised in hand-building products.Our experience comes from building thousands of wheels, producing our own carbon products in house and many other precision parts for decades. As a manufacturer we pour our hearts into every item we make.

Pro-Lite Positioning Hand-made and race performing products at an affordable price.

Unique Selling Point    Pro Lite is the largest hand-built wheel manufacturer in the world.

Pro-Lite Brand Image  Pro-Lite prides itself on being an approachable and friendly brand. A real live brand that listens to its consumers.

Why buy Pro-Lite?   Each Pro-Lite wheel has a digital serial number, we can see individual spoke tension from when we hand built each wheel. Meaning we can guarantee our wheels to ride 100% to their ability. Here at Pro-Lite we ride. We know how it is when you just want to ride, perhaps you don´t always have money to burn but you still want something reliable.So we pick the best materials and use our extensive knowledge and excellent craftsmanship to bring high quality products to you.From our bespoke Carbon disc wheel with  2 in 1 hub, to our Garda DS winter training wheels, they all have to meet Pro-Lite’s high standard of values.

Spada wheels

Welcome to the home of Spada Wheels in the UK, the only place to get some of the lightest wheels in the world.

Corrado Spada runs a small workshop in Tirano nestled in the foothills of the Alps. Anyone who knows the area will understand why lightweight wheels are needed. Everywhere is uphill.... It is even said that people born in Tirano are born uphill!

The Spada workshop is a far cry away from the automation and production facilities where many large brands are produced. It is very refreshing that there is still space in the industry for a family run business that is able to produce world beating components. The sheer performance of the wheels coupled with their unique story is what sets Spada Wheels apart from the many wheel brands out there today.

 The Spada  Stilleto & Brevia wheels are available to test at Meta Bike Cafe.